Me (= Steven De Blieck) in 33 seconds

I was given the name Steven on 5 April 1989. Having voyaged already thirty laps around the sun on this planet earth, I will now try to define the "me" that seems to be at the center of this.

First, if there’s one thing I learned so far, it’s that l'm not at the center at all. Life is not about me. It's focusing on the happiness of other good people that brings true satisfaction. That's why I always hope my work can help people in some way, and my love for the biomedical sector.

I'm guided by my curiosity. I love quickly absorbing new information about something interesting. I read a lot of books, you can find my reading list here.

If you look at my professional experience, you might notice I have done a wide variety of things. However, I'm not simply playing Russian roulette. I think it often gives a fresh perspective.

Most of my work has been in machine learning. I like working at the intersection between the technology and the application domain, thinking about the big picture.

I like to work goal-based, because sitting on a certain chair for a predefined set of hours is not the ideal way to tap into a human’s intrinsic motivation. I focus on getting the job done and enjoying the process.
That’s why I enjoy working freelance.
I get energy from working with people with complementary skills, and learning from them.

I probably value health before all else. I tend to do a lot of meditation, and enjoy doing sports whenever I can. I just came back from a 3 month cycling adventure through Patagonia.

What have I been up to the last months?
Glad you asked. Check out my now page.

Why contact me?

Well you don't have anything to loose.
I like making new connections, you never know where it might end up (this is not Tinder though).
You can send me a message here.