Me (= Steven De Blieck) in 20 seconds

Hi. My site is minimalistic for a reason, I like having no more than really needed.

Who am I?
My name is Steven De Blieck, I realised just recently that I am no more than a mental contruct, identified with a physical body, consisting 99.999% of empty space! As this obviously doesn't tell you a lot, here is some more info.

What makes me tick?
I am deeply driven by curiosity. I want to understand everything about anything, I don't really have a hyperfocus in one subject matter.
Very interested in science, innovation and health.
I like learning, creating and exploring. It gives me energy.
I try to have a Stoic approach to life and it's challenges.

What do I do?
I can't really put one label on what I do.
I tend to do things that feel meaningful, which feel fun, and where I can try out new things.
Work I have done includes bioinformatics, machine learning, gamification, neuromarketing, scientific communication, etc.

Why contact me?
Well, why shouldn't you?
There's not much to lose in making a new connection.
We'll see where it goes, and maybe we can even work together.
Just send me a message here.