What I am doing, might do, until I don't anymore

My "Now" page gives you a rough idea of what I've been doing lately.

(It's what you'd tell a friend you hadn't seen for a year.)

I just came back from 3 ridiculous months cycling through Patagonia by myself, it was the hardest and most transformative adventure I have had so far. The winds were terrible, my bike was rather unqualified for the job, however the views were amazing. The experience is hard to describe in words, however I gave it a go, and wrote something about it for Charlie Magazine here (in Dutch).

Now I just got back to Belgium. I seem to be a changed man, but things and people here seem to have stayed more or less the same. The rushing everything and appreciating nothing mentality has been the most disturbing, however I see more clearly now on how and why this is.

I am steadily taking on new projects again, as well as keeping on doing a lot of sports. Going all to nothing in terms of physical exercise is not a very good idea, as I'd like to keep taking the stairs instead of the elevator as long as I can.

This update was 16 April 2019.