What I do in 33 seconds (or maybe a bit more)

Hi, besides doing work in bioinformatics/AI, I speak/consult for (international) companies (e.g. P&G, Hubspot, Argenta, Nexxworks) about being neurodiverse (for me, autism and ADHD).

I do this via:
- my slightly awkward talk "Autism, technology and (almost) everything in between, the power of neurodiversity": more info and an excerpt here
- consultancy (e.g. how to do inclusion on/off screen for VRT)
- informative/training/coaching sessions
- (moderating) debates

And publicly:
- media appearances (e.g. Taboe with Philippe Geubels on tv)
- writing columns (e.g. Knack, Datanews, De Morgen)

Because I grew up myself unaware of how I processed things differently. Luckily, I was able to fit in by slowly cutting pieces of my authentic self (why be happy if you can be "normal" right?). But seriously, at least I found truth in suffering, so I started to question not only my nature and nurture, but also this world that imposes a neurological baseline.

What have I been up to lately?

For my latest posts about the subjects I advocate for, find me at:
- LinkedIn
- Twitter
- Instagram
- Facebook

Contact me?

You can send me a message here.

Recent work?
- Bioinformatics: finding candidate antigens for cancer patients in the immuno-oncology field for Ghent University (Python and R)
- Aligning educational material to neurodiverse people for a company
- Using AI + computer vision on microscopy data for increased sensitivity
- Investigating biomedical data sources, removing ambiguity between them
- Creating a live data streaming application for cycling on belgian tv (Javascript, Vue)
- Website of the wonderful artist Scyllari (who makes illustrations for my keynotes)

I read many (even too much) books, you can find my reading list here