Me (= Steven De Blieck) in 33 seconds

My site is minimalistic for a reason, I like having no more than really needed.
However, I might be plain lazy of course.

If there's one thing I have learned so far in my life, it's that life isn't about me.
Of course business is full of assholes, and they only seem to be growing in numbers. However, we can't let them win, there are some good people in the world as well, and I hope my work can help them. That's why I enjoy working in medicine and biotech.

If you look at my professional experience, you might notice I have done a wide variety of things. However, I'm not simply playing Russian roulette. I prefer doing things I never did before, as long as they are interesting and there's meaning to be found. I think it often gives a fresh perspective.

I like to work independently. It is often a great way to cut through the layers of organisational bullshit and egocentric neurosis.
Besides that, what would people in the Middle Ages think if they see us today?
We don't take the time to enjoy our breakfast and seeing our family in the morning. We rush into the heroic car journey to work, we get there, look at the clock, and calculate at what time we can get out. Sitting on a certain chair for a predefined set of hours seems to be our job description.
I think people back then would have a good laugh. We're not motivated anymore by just getting the job done, and enjoying the process.

Why contact me?

Well you don't have anything to lose do you?
I like making new connections, you never know where it might end up (this is not Tinder though!).
You can send me a message here (if I managed to get my webform to work).