Me (= Steven De Blieck) in 20 seconds

My site is minimalistic for a reason, I like having no more than really needed. Or I'm just plain lazy of course.

If you don't like reading, just watch this video to hear more about myself:

Who am I?
My name is Steven De Blieck, quite a silly mental construct, identified with a physical body, consisting 99.999% of empty space! As you can conclude, I don't really matter, and it's probably better to waste your time instead mindlessly scrolling through Facebook.

What makes me tick?
Oh, you still want to hear me brag about myself?
Well, I am deeply driven by curiosity. I want to understand everything about anything, which gives me a lot of headaches.
My main hyperfocusses, besides myself, are science, innovation and health.
I like learning, creating and exploring. It gives me energy.
I try to have a Stoic approach to life, mainly because it makes me look smart.

What do I do?
That depends when you ask.
Due to an error made by God himself (nobody's perfect), the labelling machine didn't function properly. So now I am cursed with the task of doing my own thing in life, and regretfully I can not blindly pursue the label attributed to myself until I finally die peacefully.
However, work I have done includes bioinformatics, machine learning, gamification, neuromarketing, scientific communication, etc.

Why contact me?
Well you don't have anything to lose do you?
I like making new connections, you never know where it might end up (this is not Tinder though!).
Just send me a message here, if I managed to get my form to work.

(no I am not cursing, this simply means Frequently Asked Questions, although ironically, I wrote this before there were any questions, so let's change this so Presumably Frequently To Be Asked Questions)

Q: Are you mad?
  A: Yes, "total nutcase", according to both my mum and girlfriend. 
Q: This has been a giant waste of time, and it took far more than 20 seconds, can I get some kind of refund?
A: Of course, when I eventually win the Nobel Prize, you will get a refund between 5-10 euros (exact amount to be determined based on different parameters such as but not limited to your religious preference, your sex, your color of your skin and other factors that might cognitively bias me).