20angles podcast

1 question, 20 brilliant minds, and mine...

The 20angles podcast asks 20 brilliant minds the same question.

The first series explores the question of “who or what are we?”. Our sense of “self” is bound to almost everything we do, it can motivate us, but at the same time it can be the source of so much agony.
But do we really understand this so-called self? Is there even something to be understood? A psychologist, a buddhist munk, a quantum physicist etc. all have a different point of view, and together we try to find out.

The mission of this podcast is to learn to see ourselves for what we are, and learning to let go of what we’re not. And in the process, maybe we can bring just a little bit more happiness to ourselves and the people we care about.

#001 - Are we happiness seeking machines?

Aug. 6, 2019

In this episode, Steven explores the central question “who or what are we?” with Prof. Lieven Annemans. Are we happiness seeking machines? And what really makes us happy?Should you aspire to live on your own private island, with a supermodel? Or should you get a good pair of sandals and go meditate on top of a mountain? Maybe you should treat yourself to a feast of psychedelic substances? Prof. Lieven Annemans is professor of health e...
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One final note. A lot of effort goes into making this podcast, and I have given myself 3 months to make this viable. If you found it valuable, you can share it with friends who might feel the same way. You can also donate (soon) on this website.