What have I done?

Biotech and bioinformatics

I co-invented Dewpal together with Ghent University. It's a way to condensate water faster via biomimicry and synthetic biology, with the goal of reducing water scarcity.

Biomarker analysis
Machine learning and image processing on fluorescent data.

Marketing and gamification

I helped the non-profit Stop Darmkanker increase their donations via small changes on their website.

Data-driven marketing
Predicting which customers might drop out via smart machine learning models has saved one of my clients a lot of time and money.

I advised a pharma company how a game system can increase medication adherence.

Data science

Energy trading
I predicted the behaviour of energy trading prices via different machine learning models.

Determine what predicts employee turnover via algorithms.

Using machine learning to classify biological data.


I write about a variety of tech related topics.

This is an article I wrote for Datanews about how consumer data can be used to manipulate:

Science communication
I love to translate science into fun explanations, along with visuals to make it even clearer.

How was it?

"Steven is a great entrepreneurial thinker with fresh ideas and a strong team spirit. I can sincerely recommend him when you are interested in leveraging technology and/or gamification in your practice. "

Jan Van Looy
Professor at Ghent University, gamification expert

"Young, engaged and enthusiastic... Add a good amount of creativity to this, and you have Steven. Exceptional guy for exceptional projects. The vzw Stop Darmkanker had the privilege to get to know Steven and to work together. It surely payed off! Thanks Steven!"

Luc Colemont
Founder Stop Darmkanker

With whom?