What I'm doing now

My "Now" page gives you a rough idea of what I'm focusing on currently in my life.

(It's what you'd tell a friend you hadn't seen for a year.)

What I'm doing?

I'm currently doing bioinformatics projects. Quite similar to data science projects, but now with a focus on biological data. I like it a lot because core science really interests me, and secondly because you can actually make a meaningful difference in people's lives. Currently I'm doing a bioinformatics meets machine learning project.

I'm also blogging some more. I read quite a lot of philosophy (luckily not the amount that would get you depressed) and like to share what I learned.

Health wise, I'm doing a slow carb diet. Basically I avoid fast sugars unless before/during physical exercise.

I might go cycling around the world soon, probably through Africa, so I'm making sure I'm in shape. I recently ran 46 km, something I'm really proud of!

I'm building a way of life that allows me to work location independent, so I can work and travel at the same time. This because when you travel you are exposed to so much more new ideas than if you stay at one place.

This update was 8 February 2017.