What I am doing, might do, until I don't anymore

My "Now" page gives you a rough idea of what I've been doing lately.

(It's what you'd tell a friend you hadn't seen for a year.)

I'm working in bioinformatics at the moment. Yes, I tried something new again, I'm terrible at sticking to one self-attributed label. I also have been doing some gamification and machine learning consultancy.

I travelled to Nepal in March. I did trekking and meditation there. It gave me some very important insights about myself. Most importantly that I don't matter even a tiny bit. Still I'm in the illusion that people care about what I am up to, hence me writing this text.

My trip to Nepal confirmed again how awesome this world is, and how we are all spoiled egomaniacal brats. The world is far more interesting if you take the time to get to actually know it.
That's why starting in July, I will travel to Guatemala and then just keep on travelling until I don't anymore.

I'll try to do some remote projects in the mean time, and do some more writing.

This update was 15 June 2018.