Oct. 28, 2019, 10:07 a.m. | Tagged under Podcast

Adventurer Jelle Veyt on getting caught in an avalanche on Everest, lessons learned from living on the streets for two years, and how death can be a big motivator.

Jelle is a professional adventurer. He is now on a quest to cycle/row to the highest mountains on every continent and climb them. To learn more about Jelle, check out www.jelleveyt.be

This was a very personal interview, and it some of the most practical insights in a short amount of time I have ever encountered on:
- being grateful for food and shelter
- being ready to die, but loving to live
- why you make yourself unhappy
- how to stop living like a zombie
- why it’s good to cry like a baby
- how everything is temporary, including feeling bad
- how and when to finally start living your dream
- most importantly: don’t hold your farts, let them go!

Interesting things referred to in this episode:
Book "Steppenwolf" - Herman Hesse: http://bit.ly/31RVx6v